The trials and tribulations of choosing a school lunch box

I’m the mum of a school aged child. How did that happen? Well, I know HOW it happened – what I mean is in the early hazy days (oh the haze, the haze!), I never thought I’d see 5 years never mind school days. But here we are – healthy, happy (mostly) and fully functioning. Continue reading

Pizza scrolls

When our eldest boy started school this year I was looking for ideas for his lunchbox. Something easy to make in bulk, something I could freeze and something that still tasted yummy. I came across scrolls -an easy recipe and you can add whatever filling you like. I made pizza scrolls and Vegemite scrolls as a test before he started school – and they were gobbled up! Woohoo – food I could make, store and he’d eat. Our 3 year old also loves these. Continue reading