Urban Graphic: street cred for your desk!

Stationery. You either love it or you don’t. Me, I’m a big fan. I head out at the start of each year and purchase a diary and some cool notebooks. This year I added a funky pencil case and stunning sticky notepads to the list for my desk at home. I’m always picking up bit and bobs. I like to think it makes me feel organised while trying to manage home and work life! Continue reading

Review: Playbrush – A game of toothbrushing

Life as a parent can be exhausting. When it comes to getting children to brush their teeth it can sometimes be a struggle that I’m sure most parents would happily live without. Going through the (arduous) process twice a day which includes asking for teeth to be cleaned, repeating the request, ordering that teeth are to be done, shouting ‘Why aren’t your teeth cleaned yet?’ is enough for any parent to throw in the towel. Continue reading

Canberra – for kids and adults (part 1)

I’m finally putting down words about our trip to Canberra. But as I was writing this post I realised there is just too much information for one post so I’ll break it down into parts. With term 2 school holidays coming up and work being busy in the lead up, we decided to get out of Sydney for a few days and try to have a break. I always say it’s never a holiday with young kids but a change of scenery can do wonders for the soul! Continue reading