Board games

My 5 year old really got into board games last year – and I mean really got into them! It stemmed from day care as they had a huge Snakes and Ladders game. For some unknown (but grateful) reason, the kids received quite a few board games for Christmas. Some of the oldies made a comeback – Snakes & Ladders, Guess Who, Hungry Hippo to name a few – so maybe games were ‘all the rage’ at that particular time.  Continue reading

Living with a 5 year old boy

I wasn’t a fan of the terrible twos or tantrum threes. I loved the age of 4 – funny, engaging, entertaining, happy to have a chat. Then came the age of 5 which I was enjoying until that little thing called ‘testosterone’ hit. A physician told me that testosterone hits boys at the age of 5 and 12. I had a feeling something was happening because as we were coming up to 5 the bigger emotions started. The crying for no reason (and I mean no reason that I could work out!), the Jackal and Hyde personality, the love for you one minute and the dislike the next.  Continue reading