There are such things as ‘I suck’ days.

Have you ever had an “I suck” day? I have on many occasions. Just recently actually. I felt unorganised, there was so much happening (and it’s only April!), the kids were whingey about one thing or another, I hadn’t been able to exercise, the house felt like a pig-sty and I was just totally over all of it! I ranted and grunted as I moved through the house. My shoulders were hunched. I walked around with a face that would make a priest back off. I was fed up. Continue reading

It’s not just our kids who need time out (Guest post by Brittany from

Brittany from is a wife and a mum of two beautiful boys. This article she wrote couldn’t have come at a better time – I was only speaking recently about how I’ve stopped taking time out for me and how hubby and I need to reinstate date night. Thanks for the reminder Brittany x Continue reading