Nerf – not just blasters!

It’s quite stereotypical to associate blasters, water guns and cars with boys. My boys received a NERF blaster and water gun each for Christmas last year and they love them. And I’m not meaning to be stereotypical but my boys also like cars and anything that blasts off. So… Continue reading

Living with a 5 year old boy

I wasn’t a fan of the terrible twos or tantrum threes. I loved the age of 4 – funny, engaging, entertaining, happy to have a chat. Then came the age of 5 which I was enjoying until that little thing called ‘testosterone’ hit. A physician told me that testosterone hits boys at the age of 5 and 12. I had a feeling something was happening because as we were coming up to 5 the bigger emotions started. The crying for no reason (and I mean no reason that I could work out!), the Jackal and Hyde personality, the love for you one minute and the dislike the next.  Continue reading