Experiments, liquid nitrogen and a group of 6 year old kids…

Everyone is in the full swing of getting organised for Christmas. However, I can’t think about it until our boy’s birthday is done and dusted. We had already done a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme and a Super Hero theme so what would we do this year? Experiments were a thing at school so we decided on a Science party – well I decided on it and then talked up all the fabulous food ideas and experiments that could be done! Birthday boy was happy with that so I got down to planning. Continue reading

Vroom vroom into 4!

Choices for children’s party themes are endless. Having two boys we try not to double up on the theme of their parties, and so far we’ve managed to have a different one each year. One idea that hadn’t come up was a race car theme. So my youngest grabbed that idea this year and we sped into party mode.

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