Family friendly pasta bake

I’ve had many (many!) requests for the recipe for pasta bake that I posted on my Instagram feed. Not only was it a great photo but a very tasty meal. I managed to hide more veggies than usual without the kids screaming ‘What is that green thing?!!’ Continue reading

Fried rice – an easy and versatile dish

Updated: 2019

I first posted this recipe in 2016 after my eldest started school. Below is the original recipe. Add in whatever veggies you have. I’m now adding broccoli as the kids eat it (once it’s not in big chunks!). For the eggs, I popped them in the fry pan and let them cook like an omelette. Once cooled I cut them into ribbons. The boys love soy sauce so I always put in another little dash before the final stir and taking it off the heat.

But everything else is the same. Serve it as a main meal, with garlic bread or as a side to another dish. Add in chicken to make it more substantial. The choices are endless.


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Zucchini, lemon and chilli pasta

I love cooking but I need time to be able to go through recipes, think about who I’m cooking for and what I want to cook, prepare and then cook. Recently we had some friends coming over for lunch but it was on a day I was running back with one child from a child’s party and hubby was running back with another from weekend lessons. I needed something that was quick to cook, tasty and not your standard platter or BBQ. These friends cook good food so this lunch needed to be up to standard. Continue reading

Pizza scrolls

When our eldest boy started school this year I was looking for ideas for his lunchbox. Something easy to make in bulk, something I could freeze and something that still tasted yummy. I came across scrolls -an easy recipe and you can add whatever filling you like. I made pizza scrolls and Vegemite scrolls as a test before he started school – and they were gobbled up! Woohoo – food I could make, store and he’d eat. Our 3 year old also loves these. Continue reading

Homemade dough

I came across this recipe last year and have loved it ever since! It can be used for pizzas, scrolls and so much more! Our family makes homemade pizzas every Friday which the boys have come to love. They enjoy adding their ingredients which doesn’t vary much from pizza sauce, cheese, mushrooms, olives and ham/bacon. I also make pizza bites from this dough for school lunches – they’re just a smaller version of our Friday pizzas.  Continue reading