When learning still has to happen

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
― Nelson Mandela

The world around us is not as it was six months ago and the world we know tomorrow will not be the one we know in six months. As the world changes around us we must adapt. That also means changing the way we do things if you find yourself at home with children due to self-isolation or they’re not well to go out. Globally a lot of companies are turning to work from home, mine included, and as a mum who has worked from home and in the office for 9 years I know how difficult it can be.

As much as my boys think being at home means iPad time, learning still needs to occur and the kids are more likely to do it if it’s fun. Recently I’ve seen a lot of activities to occupy toddlers and young children but not a lot for older children. So, I thought I’d share some of what I have planned for my boys (age 7.5yo and 9yo) should we all be stuck at home. We will also have outdoor/backyard play because fresh air is vital to us all not going nuts and there’s a heap of board games waiting to be dusted off . If possible, recess and lunch will happen outside too BUT don’t get me wrong – there will be iPad and TV time however, I will try and use that when I need to do particular work or phone calls as I work from home indefinitely for now.

If you have other ideas, please let me know as I’d love to continue to build this list out. I’ve also listed some links to online programs which the boys will do too.

Digital (desktop computer/laptop/iPad)

  1. Research different countries and list their
    1. capital
    2. currency
    3. continent
    4. language
    5. neighbouring countries (list 2 or 3)
  2. Make different words out of a word eg
    1. Knitting = knit, king, in, tit, gin, tin etc
  3. Virtual field trips:
    1. San Diego Zoo – videos, activities and games (https://kids.sandiegozoo.org/)
    2. Visit MARS (https://accessmars.withgoogle.com/)
    3. Great Wall of China (https://www.thechinaguide.com/destination/great-wall-of-china)
  4. ABCYA for maths and reading (abcya.com)
  5. Story time!!! Go to storylineonline.net and pick a story to be read to you
  6. Puzzles, maths, stories, games, explore, reading, spelling (highlightskids.com)
  7. Practice coding on code.org or www.scratch.mit.edu
  8. Skype a friend and tell them what you’ve been up to
  9. Check out PBS Kids and play educational games for 20 minutes


  1. Draw or paint a new character for a book you’re reading
  2. Colour an A4 page and make a paper plane for each member of your family. Whose plane can go the furthest?
  3. Create a poster for a new movie you’d like to see
  4. Design a new logo for your school (no naughty words or drawings!)
  5. Find a recipe and make it (with the help of an adult if needed)
  6. Creative a treasure map for your sibling
  7. Make breakfast for your family


  1. Write out a set of times tables higher than the 10 times tables
  2. Make a bucket list of the things you’d like to do before finishing primary school
  3. What country would you like to live in and why
  4. Write a letter to three friends
  5. Pick an animal and write out three things you think you know about it. Then go to kids.nationalgeographic.com and write out three more points
  6. Measure five items in the house and write out their measurements. Which is longest? Which is shortest?
  7. Count how many birds come into the backyard during recess
  8. Write a letter to your cousin

Links to some useful, fun websites:

*** NEW ***

Beast Academy (math): www.beastacademy.com

BrainPOP (animated educational fun site): www.brainpop.com

Curiousity Stream (documentaries, history): www.curiousitystream.com

Creative Bug (arts and crafts): www.creativebug.com

Links to some useful, fun websites:

Virtual field trips: www.discoveryeducation.com/community/virtual-field-trips/

Suessville: www.suessville.com

Funbrain: www.funbrain.com

Kids National Geographic: www.kids.nationalgeographic.com

PBS Kids: www.pbs.org

Coding: www.code.org or www.scratch.mit.edu

Highlights Kids: www.highlightskids.com

Storyline Online: www.storylineonline.net

Switcheroo Zoo: www.switcherzoo.com


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