Smashing it!

And just like that, it’s time to get organised for school. These summer school holidays have gone fast and I’m a little sad about that – and that’s the first time I’ve ever admitted that! I’m not sure I’m ready for the madness of school/sport/extra curricular/ social calendars to kick off again. While Australia had extreme weather conditions unseen of before, and while the kids understood what was happening, they went about their school holidays making memories and enjoying what they could.

Reality starts to hit home when you have to organise uniforms and school shoes, and ensure there are clean (or new) lunchboxes and bags ready for the new year ahead. I was lucky to be gifted some SMASH Enterprises lunch items to trial over the summer. I have two boys who are interested in eating quickly so they can go enjoy playtime. Eating time is not very long – 10 minutes for that then the play bell goes and off they run! So it’s important for me they’re able to see exactly what is for recess and lunch and that the containers are easy enough to open.


The winners for us are the SMASH Bento Switch Up boxes and insulated bags, and the lunch buddies food containers. With the bento box I can move the removable divider to create a different number of compartments depending on what I’m giving them for lunch. The lunch buddy containers fit easily into their lunch bags and I tend to use them for recess. They’re also dishwasher safe which can be an added bonus on busy evenings. The SMASH Fridge insulated bag has gel coolers that comes with it which is great for keeping containers cool on a hot day.


Other products in this range include the Bento Bite box which we’ve tried before and I feel is great for younger kids (get them to practice opening the clasp), the 530ml stainless steel flask, the 10 piece pack that is great for daycare/prep and Kindy kids as it has everything you could need, and the snack and freeze pots which I actually use for work!

These back to school products are available at Officeworks while stocks last. At a great price point I don’t imagine they’ll be around for long!

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