Domestic goddess I am not

I’m not a domestic goddess and never will be. I’ve come to accept that and I think my husband is slowly coming around to it, even if its 17 years later! I do, however, like to keep a clean home with everything having its place – a clean and tidy home definitely keeps my mental health in balance. And as much as I’d love to have a cleaner come in and do a deep clean and those unfavourable chores, I’ve always thought the money was better spent elsewhere.

We moved house last year and as much as it can be exciting getting to know a new place, it’s also stressful and tiring. The house we moved to is an old-style house, nothing Instagram-able about it but it offered us a good location and a big yard for the boys. The downside to old houses is the amount of dust that it accumulates in such a short time (those pesky dust fairies!!).


Recently I was contacted by Fantastic Services, a domestic services company, who offered to do a domestic clean at our home. I could choose particular jobs I wanted done or have a general clean throughout. My pain points with our current place is the blinds throughout the house – we have about 10 sets throughout and I swear they’re cleaned and almost dusty again the next day. I also opted for a deep clean in the bathroom, kitchen and the skirting boards.


The team were amazing – arrived on time and got on with the job. They literally didn’t stop for nearly three hours and also vacuumed and moped the floorboards throughout before they left. With over 25 specialised services on offer including cleaning, gardening and maintenance, they’re definitely the go to people. For a $20 discount on your service and to learn more about their services click here.


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