With the first full week of school now under our belt, we’ve started to bed down routine, activities and lunches. Thanks to SMASH we’ve had the opportunity to try a range of lunch boxes and bags, water bottles and yogurt and snack containers and work out what we like.

These ones are from Woolworths and the double cold bag is my favourite. What I love about it is I can put recess items in the top section and lunch in the bottom part. It may mean more containers but at least I know they won’t eat all their lunch at recess (or at least I hope they won’t!). It’s easy to clean and I love the bright green colour.


The containers have a freeze gel pack in the lids – you just pop them in the freezer and they’ll keep the food cold. They haven’t leaked any moisture on the food and have come in handy for keeping fruit and yogurt cool. I would also use these when I need to try snacks in my bag if we’re going for a play date or out for the day. Like all containers it took a few goes for the boys to be able to open and close them but they’ve nailed it now.


Gifted for review by SMASH Enterprises. All words are my own opinion.


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