Part 1: Spotlight back to school lunch boxes and accessories review

With less than a week before school starts back, and just over a week for new Kindergarten’s, we continue our review of lunch boxes, water bottles and snack containers thanks to SMASH.

This funky tech and angle design is available from Spotlight and contains the Bento Switch Up and my favourite kid’s drink bottle, Chiller. We’ve used these bottles since last year and it has been squeezed, pushed, pulled, dropped, thrown – you name it, it’s been through it! Yet it’s still in fine working order and doesn’t leak even when turned upside down. It has a one way sports valve meaning dry school bag at the end of the day!


The bento lunch box style seems to be the in thing for 2019. I love the opportunity to put in a range of different foods. There are removable dividers so the choice of food is unlimited. As with any new lunch box opening and closing is stiff until it’s been done a few times so I recommend a lot of practice before school starts. My only concern with the bento style boxes is that the kids will eat everything at recess and not have anything for lunch! The snack containers are twist ones so you can put as little or as much in it as you like (yes, that’s Pringles in there!).

*Bento Switch Up is currently on sale at Spotlight for $12.

Gifted for review by SMASH Enterprises. All words are my own opinion.

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