Bento styling children’s lunchboxes

Choosing a school lunchbox can be an overwhelming experience especially with all the different styles and not knowing what will work for your child. Recently, it all seems to be about the bento style. What is it? Read on further as we trialled out the Bento Bite from SMASH Enterprises.

Bento comes from Japan and references a single meal. The little compartments in the bento box means you can add a range of single portion foods. With the Bento Bite it has six different sections, a leak proof container and a removable ice brick. I was a bit sceptical about the ‘leak proof’ container due to previous mishaps with others but I’m happy to report that we tried it with yogurt, and no leaks!

Packed with lunch, the bento box was carried around and it was still in one piece when it came to lunchtime – it was swung left, right and centre as my youngest can’t stand still! The latch was a little stiff to open at first but after spending some time opening and closing it, my son was able to do it unassisted. I find this is the case with any new lunch box. With a focus on rubbish free lunches, the lunchbox has also helped reduced the need for food wrapping. The glow in the dark dinosaur bottle has been a hit too and has an easy to use sip straw, however I could see my son breaking it as he’s not easy on the drink bottles!

The lunchbox doesn’t fit in our current lunch bag which is fairly new so we’ll continue to use it as a lunch/snack box at home and when we’re out for the day as it fits in my carry on. Available in Woolworths from 15 December, this pack will make a great Christmas Present or get organised and stock up on new lunchboxes for 2019. Also available in LLAMA (pink and green) design. Lunchbox retails for $20 and bottle for $14.

Gifted for review by SMASH Enterprises. All words are my own opinion.

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