Urban Graphic: street cred for your desk!

Stationery. You either love it or you don’t. Me, I’m a big fan. I head out at the start of each year and purchase a diary and some cool notebooks. This year I added a funky pencil case and stunning sticky notepads to the list for my desk at home. I’m always picking up bit and bobs. I like to think it makes me feel organised while trying to manage home and work life!

Luckily for me my boys seem to have inherited a love for notebooks and funky stationery. Whether they want to write a book about the alien who stayed with us (great imaginations!!), post cryptic messages on sticky notes or just draw random pictures in notepads, I’m happy to encourage their love of stationery.

With school holidays upon us, I’ve taken the chance to reorganise their homework station as I like work spaces to be clean and have some structure. Big W recently stocked an assortment of new SMASH stationery themes and I’ve been lucky to receive the Urban Graphic range which includes stationery and desk ware in a cool mix of blue, green and black colours. Why should stationery just be in pretty pinks and purples??

Doing it in blue urban graphic style

Doing it in blue urban graphic style

With the Urban Graphic range, you can mix and match the selection of items depending on your colour mood. I like things to be matchy-matchy and the selection has everything to make even kid’s desks look stylish and organised. Hopefully this will not only help the boys know where things are but encourage them to sit still and finish their homework!


Who said blue and green should never be seen??


Mixing it up with blue and green urban graphic style

Stationery doesn’t have to be expensive. Starting at just $3, this range makes it accessible for budgets while still looking on-trend. Imagine the cool gift pack you could put together for a birthday present, or the range of items that could be used instead of lollies for birthday party bags!

Items in the range include:

  • A4 lever files and ring binders
  • A4 envelope folders (3 pack)
  • Document/magazine holder
  • A5 notepads and spirals books
  • Exercise books (3 pack)
  • pens (4 pack)
  • colour pens
  • highlighers
  • pencils
  • twistable erasers (2 pack)
  • rulers
  • note pads
  • document trays
  • pencil case
  • paper clips
  • sticky notes

Available in-store at Big W now, check out the new stationery range.



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