A thank you to my 30’s

This week marks birthday week for me and I couldn’t be more excited! You see, I love organising a party, a celebration, an event. And if we’re being honest here, I haven’t celebrated my birthday with a proper event since I turned 30.

So, this year I’m turning the big 40 and I’m up for it. I don’t feel 40 and (hopefully) I don’t look 40 though I’m not quite sure what 40 is supposed to look like. When I think back over my 30’s I feel that I haven’t given myself enough credit on what I’ve accomplished. I never do. I like to stay in the background and can get embarrassed when pushed into the spotlight. However, this may be the one and only time I pat myself on the back.

I have two children and have kept them healthy and alive. I celebrated my 10-year wedding anniversary with my husband. I work a corporate job – I’m not going to say I work part-time because I work more than what is classed as part-time hours. I manage our family and social life as well as managing the kid’s school canteen. I’ve run the Sydney City2Surf many times which is 14km from city to beach. I’ve run the Sydney half marathons the last few years. I’ve just run the Gold Coast half marathon even with my strapped-up knees. I’ve made new friends through school – do you know how scary that can be as an adult?? I’ve been lucky enough to do so much travelling. I started this blog and social media account and have met so many lovely people through it.

deb n conrad


While I’m not 100% comfortable with my body (is anyone ever 100% happy?), I feel that I’ve found my style. I remember in my late teens and 20’s feeling awkward and trying to find what suited me or wearing clothes to fit in. In my early 30’s I wore maternity wear and loved it. My body changed after the pregnancies and I started to work out what suited me again. In my mid-30’s I was comfortable. I’m a mum but I’m not dead. I don’t need to wear daggy clothes, nor do I need to look like mutton dressed as lamb. Disclaimer: yes I wear trackie bottoms and ugg boots but can also glam it up when needs be. I’ve recently done a wardrobe clear-out and replaced some of my 20’s clothes with what suits me now but I’ve got more to do – it’s a slow process!




I’m still not sure what I want to do work-wise, but I enjoy my job and have done for many years. Recently I’ve added another stream of work to my day job and it’s now a greater challenge which is something I needed. I’m never going to be a corporate CEO, I don’t want to be. I do want something more but I’m not quite sure what it is yet and that’s okay. I have two young kids who need me more now and that will lessen as they grow older, allowing me more time to work out what my dream job is.

I recall turning 26 and being upset because I’d passed my mid-20’s and was old. I turned 30 and celebrated like it was 1999. My 30’s have had its ups and downs. About 12-18 months ago I went through a ‘my life sucks’ stage where I just wasn’t happy but wasn’t quite sure why. I don’t know if it was my mid-life crisis (unlikely as I didn’t break down or buy anything extravagant) but it may happen again, and I think that’s just normal. I’m about to turn 40 – I don’t own a house but it means we can travel and live the lifestyle we want. I don’t earn a six-figure sum, but I’ve got a good job that’s flexible and with a caring team. I’m healthy, happy, and have the people in my life who I want in my life and I’m damn well going to make sure the celebrations go on and on and on and on…


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