My top five pieces for Sydney winter

I’m not a fashion blogger by any means but I know what style I like and I’d like to think I know what suits me. Heading towards the big 4 0 I’m not quite at the slippers and purple hair rinse just year but my fashion style has changed over the last couple of years.

A few years ago I did a personal stylist session while on holiday in Ireland and I loved it! I tried on clothes that I didn’t like on the hanger but loved them once they were on me; I agreed to go for colours I didn’t think would go together but did once they were on; I opted for slimline jackets for more shape – all of it making a difference to my style. Recently I decluttered some of my wardrobe (it’s a work in progress!) so I could make some room for new additions. With the colder weather now here in Sydney I thought I’d share my top five favourite picks for the season

Knitted jumper

I can’t go by a good knit jumper. So far this season, my favourite is this jumper from Target. I love the vibrant colour (winter doesn’t all have to be black and grey!), and I’m on the lookout for more.



I’m loving the range of cardigans out this year as there’s a variety of styles such as chunky, slimline, long and waist high. These are some of my recent purchases from Feather and Noise and TSID.





For me boots have to be comfortable. I’m a lover of knee high boots and while I got these ones in Ireland, there are plenty available this season. For a more glam look I’ve fallen in love with these ankle boots from Charley Boutique.



Knitted dress

During the cold months you can’t go past a knitted dress. It can be dressed up with some heels or boots and accessories, or made casual by wearing some cute trainers. This one is a couple of years old from Decjuba and still going strong.



I thought about not including this one and going for something else but there are so many nice beanies around at the moment and they can really help finish off an outfit. Again, there are different styles so opt for one that suits what you’re wearing. Check out Kmart and Big W for some cute ones.


What are your fashion tips for winter?

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