Product review: Mustela Stelatopia range for dry and eczema-prone skin

I’ve had dry skin for as long as I remember and of course in the winter months it tends to flare up. Over the years I’ve tried different creams and eventually found one that worked for my skin. My youngest unfortunately inherited my skin type – dry and sensitive. I remember moisturising his skinny little legs on the change table thinking how could a baby’s skin be this dry.

As a baby and over the years I’ve used different brands of ‘no soap’ soap and dry skin moisturisers, not quite being happy with any of them. While his skin has been okay of late, like mine it does flare up in the colder months. I’d seen the Mustela range of products before but never associated them with older children, more newborns and babies. Until recently, when I met the Mustela team and was introduced to their Stelatopia range which is specifically developed for dry skin and works towards the prevention of eczema, whether it be baby, child or adult skin.

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The team believe the reason the Stelatopia range is effective for these skin types is due to two main natural ingredients found in these particular products – the avocado perseose which protects the skin by preserving its richness, and sunflower oil distillate which has oil replenishing properties and provides soothing relief to itchy skin.

We’ve been using the range for a couple of months now, particularly the bath oil, body cream and foaming shampoo, and it’s made a noticeable difference to the feeling of his skin. He’s nearly 6 years old and it can be a struggle to get him to moisturise or for him to let me put it on, but he does notice his skin is smoother and doesn’t seem to need to scratch his skin like he used to.

Available on the Mustela website is a skin diagnosis test which will help see what products are appropriate for your baby or child’s skin type. You can also find more information on the Stelatopia range.

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