Top 5 healthy snacks for school lunchbox

And just like that term 2 has started for us here in New South Wales. Blue skies are scheduled and dare I say it but the two weeks of school holidays hasn’t been too bad. Maybe it’s because we got out of Sydney for a mini-break or maybe it’s because I worked through some of it. Either way, we’re all ready for this term to kick into gear.

I usually spend the weekend before school starts cooking and baking so our freezer is stocked with lunchbox snacks and dinners to get us through the first few weeks. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not in the kitchen from morning til night on both days (who has time for that!).  But by spending a little time in the kitchen, it helps me feel that I have things under control when juggling school, after school activities, work, family life and all the other things that happen over the term.

I thought I’d share my top 5 snacks which fill a school lunchbox, actually get eaten by the kids, and I feel like they’re getting something decent to eat.

Bacon and cheese muffins. You won’t believe out easy these are to make – and they contain hidden veggies (you’re welcome!).

Banana and oat biscuits. These biscuits are still made on a regular basis and eaten happily as a morning / afternoon snack.

Mini quiche boats. Since first posting these I’ve mixed it up with whatever veggies I have in the fridge (grated to an inch of it’s life of course!).

Muesli bar. This recipe uses peanut butter, which we’re allowed at our school, so you may need to substitute it if not permitted or there are allergies.

Pasta bake. The kids sometimes take this in cold to have at recess (morning tea) or a larger portion for lunch. I also cook up a big batch and freeze portions for easy to access dinners.

Got some favourite recipes you’d like to share?

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