Easter at Home

With Easter just around the corner, I asked the beautiful Bettina from Baby Makes B if she would write a post on how she does Easter at home. She has amazing taste in styling, fashion and interior design, and if you’re not already following her you should!

As the kids get older I find myself looking for opportunities to create traditions. And
although they are still very little their excitement level is definitely heightened when
we celebrate occasions at home. With this in mind, we began hosting an annual Easter
Egg hunt a couple of years ago for the kids and their gorgeous little cousins whom they
love so much.

We keep it relatively simple. We have home-cooked favourites and everyone brings a dish which definitely takes the load off. The kids play outside and partake in a couple of crafty activities which builds the excitement for the big egg hunt.

My favourite part of the day is – everything. I love the preparation and the planning and I
love the anticipation that builds during the lead up, particularly as Christian is now old
enough to understand the concept. The hunt is always a highlight and it brings us all great joy to see all the kiddies have such fun, play nicely and ‘donate’ to the littlest ones that weren’t quite as quick on the pick up.

I usually put a fair bit of effort into our tablescape too and Christian has developed a bit of an interest in decorating which suits this mama perfectly! With my little helper, some
careful consideration (and despite my little hurricane that is 2 y.o. Samuel) we’re able to
piece together a table worthy of such a special occasion.

I tend to only buy a couple of decorative items for the various festive occasions every year. This way, I’m not spending a lot at one time and when I’m more selective with what I buy I end up buying only things that I really love and building a collection that I’m genuinely excited to display every year.

Below are some images from our Easter celebration last year. The items are still available in-store so scroll down to see a list of retailers 🙂


Charger plates, placemats and napkin rings from Kmart
Easter wreaths and decorative eggs from Bed, Bath ’n’ Table
Cutlery from Salt ’n’ Pepper
Glassware from Target
Bunny ears and crafting from Meri Meri Party

B xxxx

You can follow B’s adventures with her family at babymakesb.com or on Instagram

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