Sherlock Hide & Seek Puppy – Toy Review

Are you still in the throws of Christmas shopping? Trying to figure out what to get the kid that has everything? Well, let me introduce you to Sherlock, the hide and seek puppy! 

This gorgeous soft puppy is the next level up to the original hide and seek game. The idea is someone hides Sherlock and the other person has to find him. A remote, shaped like a dog bone, is given to the person seeking Sherlock. When the button on the remote is pressed, Sherlock gives some clues to his whereabouts by saying things like “Come and find me”, “You’re getting closer”, and ‘You found me!’ once he has been found. There is a wireless function that helps the connection between Sherlock and the remote. At times we found the kids had to press the button more than once to get a reaction from Sherlock – not sure if this is due to limited wireless range.

Sherlock himself is gorgeous! He’s soft, a decent size and his glasses make him even more adorable. It says Sherlock is suitable for 3 years and over and I’d agree. For kids younger than thatd probably prefer to cuddle the pup. My 5 year old and 7 year old really got into hiding him (even putting the poor puppy on the top of the fridge!) and had a lot of fun. They are old enough to play it themselves so I got to sit back and finish a full cup of tea!


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