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Ask any 7 year old boy if they’d like to make slime and the answer is more often than not going to be a big yes! But what if it’s not just your standard slime? What if it’s magnetic slime? Most kids would also jump at the chance to do art and craft but who has time to pull together all the materials together?

Jess from Make & Create is your saviour! A Melbourne mum, Jess developed her business as a way to take the hassle out of art, craft and science projects and introduce ease and fun into them. Jess has developed three different types of boxes including Junior, Arts & Crafts, and STEM (recently changed to STEAM to introduce the ‘Arts’ element). Each box comes with all the materials needed for your fun activity.

I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Jess and my boys got to try out her November STEAM box. STEAM encompasses science, technology, engineering, arts and maths and it’s all about fun and learning young minds. My eldest currently has a STEAM project underway at school and it’s something he’s quite interested in, so this opportunity with Jess was a no brainer.

The boys quickly got into the boxes, looking through all the measured out ingredients and then onto the directions list. The box consisted of two slime options – magnetic and heat sensitive colour changing slime. We decided to make the magnetic slime first. From a parent’s perspective, I was impressed that all the ingredients needed were included – even the baking powder! The instructions are clear and simple; easy to follow for young ones.



The boys began stirring their ingredients together while I poured in solution. My eldest could have done this part himself but it was easier for me to do it for both of them while they continued to mix. As the ingredients came together my youngest passed the ‘stirring’ job onto me – little bit of elbow grease needed to get to the point of kneading. Once we got there I pulled the slime out of the bowl and began kneading. Note to all parents: this bit gets messy!

We did this part over baking paper just in case any of it fell out of hands. Once it came together as slime we started to have fun with the magnets. I’m not sure who was more fascinated with it – me or the kids! We watched as the magnet disappeared into the slime and then tried to find it. We played with different movements of the magnet and watched the slime move with the magnet. My 5 ½ year old wasn’t as convinced with the slime itself but loved putting the magnet in it – I just had to get in there and get it out!

IMG_3805  IMG_3803












I’m a big believer in STEAM and while I don’t think every child needs to love each part of this process, making learning and education fun helps kids to begin to think outside the box and be innovative in ways they never imagined.

The above post is my personal review of the product.

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