Long weekend-ing (last one for the year!)

I’ve just realised it’s been a while since I last posted here! Life has been quite busy and time just seems to be slipping away. Anyhow, we’ve just had the last long weekend for the year here in Sydney and it heralds the start of the warm season. We escaped Sydney and headed to Windang which is on the New South Wales south coast – beautiful part of the country with stunning beach line and amazing markets to stop and have a wander around.

The kids got to play with their cousins and there was a lot of time spent at the beach. We visited the local beach as well as driving down to Gerringong – what a stunning and relaxing beach. We searched for shells – pretty ones and ‘designer’ ones. We built sandcastles and decorated them only to destroy them with a swift kick (as kids like to do!). We played beach rugby, had water gun fights and played tag.

There was also plenty of conversation, food and drink. A trip to Killalea State Park markets is always a must! We brought a picnic mat, had the most tastiest dumplings I’ve had in so long, and listened to the music while enjoying the stunning beach views. The kids managed to wolf down lunch and have enough room for ice-cream – the biggest line up for the food stalls was the ice-cream one. I love having a wander around the stalls and picking up bits and pieces as memorabilia; this year it was a dress and a hat (I’m not one for statues, figurines etc that I need to dust and clean!!).



As we packed up and headed back to Sydney we stopped in for the obligatory game of putt putt. For the kids it’s all about how quick you can get the ball into the hole – seriously the quickest game of putt putt EVER! But the kids were happy and that’s all that mattered. We also went for a visit to Nan Tien Temple – my favourite part of this weekend away. I love stopping in here and always make a point of it when we’re in this part of the country.

A lovely lady at the temple helped explain about the Buddha and showed the kids how to do the incense sticks while making a wish. We then walked around taking in the views and looking at the mini statues, at one stage trying to copy their actions. As the kids are getting older there are more questions being asked about life, death, why people pray, where the monks live – and I have to admit I’m starting to enjoy these conversations with them. It’s so insightful to see life from a child’s view of the world.

And then just like that we’re back in Sydney and it’s back to work. One week left of these school holidays and then the countdown begins for the last term of school to fly by.

How was your weekend whether it was a long weekend or not?

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