Nerf – not just blasters!

It’s quite stereotypical to associate blasters, water guns and cars with boys. My boys received a NERF blaster and water gun each for Christmas last year and they love them. And I’m not meaning to be stereotypical but my boys also like cars and anything that blasts off. So…

We were pretty thrilled to receive the NERF NITRO Flashfury Chaos to test drive. NERF have recently released a new range of launchable vehicles for a variety of ages. Essentially they are foam vehicles that can be shot out of the launcher, jump over bridges, slam into ramps and smash through barrels. There are different sets available and you can customise the stunt set up.

As a safety precaution, and what I love, is that the launcher can only be used and pressed when positioned on the ground or hard surface. For Flashfury Chaos there is also a pull-back mechanism that needs to be in place before you can blast off. This means you don’t get shot unexpectedly by a foam car as the kids walk around with it!

The new NERF NITRO range is available in Kmart, Toys R’ Us, Myer, Toy World and Big W with car refills starting from $9.99 and packs starting from $19.99.

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