Just a little bit hay wire…

Has this happened to you?

I feel the last few months have been non-stop and I’m constantly playing catch up or constantly on the go. A combination of life, family, work and generally the world revolving has made for a really busy time.

I’m an organiser and planner type of person but recently I’ve made some cock-ups like mixing up dates and catch ups with friends and family. I’ve forgotten things like my son’s show and tell day (not major in the scheme of life but pretty major to that young soul), and forgotten other things significant to me. It’s very unlike me to forget or get dates mixed up.

I was hoping this year would be the year of not many plans. It hasn’t turned out that way but the one thing though that I look back on are the memories that were made and the fun that was had – even if it was on a different date or we were tired 😄

#love #mumoftwo #lovemyfamily #crazydays #crazylife

2 thoughts on “Just a little bit hay wire…

  1. Polly OC says:

    It’s like you literally pulled my thoughts out of my brain! I was just thinking I was going to *try* to find the time to write a blog on this myself. It’s driving me crazy. I feel like I’m scrambling up the longest down escalator.


    • Loopsy Mum says:

      It seems to resonate with a lot of people! Do you think it’s because we try to do so much compared to my parents days when things just seemed more relaxed???

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