feature mum Q&A – Guest Bec Wilcock

Bec Wilcock is an ultramarathon runner who has just welcomed the arrival of her gorgeous baby boy, Beau Patrick. I had the opportunity to ask her some questions about staying fit during pregnancy.

Q: How did you stay fit and motivated during your pregnancy?

A: To stay fit I followed a “training for two” program that I evaluated every 4-6 weeks. This worked for me because I like structure. I altered my workouts while pregnant which included a few changes:

  • Intensity decreased; we worked at 70% of my max effort (still able to hold a conversation whilst training).
  • Movements and exercises changed throughout my different trimesters. For example I stopped running at 32 weeks and found a new love for walking long distances.
  • More rest/easy days in Trimester 3.
  • All warm ups and cool downs are longer for each session and include different breathing techniques

And to stay motivated I found having a weekly fitness and nutrition routine kept me motivated and mentally strong throughout my pregnancy.

Q: Given the hard-core training you are used to, are you finding it challenging not exercising to those extremes?

A: Although I love working out and sticking to my healthy routines, I really took the time to listen to my new body, embrace the changes that it was going through, and enjoyed the magical experience. The best advice I can give is to accept these changes and know your body’s abilities and don’t try to introduce anything new into your training.

Q: How often did you work out while pregnant?

A: It varied throughout my pregnancy and through different trimesters. I did try and still incorporate exercise everyday no matter how small or easy. However, I did have more rest days and it is so important to so listen to your body and not push yourself.

Q: What is your favourite workout?

A: My baby bump favourites are walking, swimming, resistance training, yoga, Pilates and modified HIIT sessions (working up to 70% of your max effort). A workout plan can be helpful so you have some structure to follow, keeping in mind that rest days are essential.

Q: What is your top tip for women staying fit and healthy during pregnancy?

A: My number one tip is to accept that you can’t control everything. Your body, emotions, and physical capabilities go through a big change (at different times) when you are pregnant.

In terms of diet, listen to your body and ensure you’re feeding it proper nutrition not empty calories when your appetite increases. I included six small meals, 2 x Blackmores Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold and plenty of water throughout the day to ensure my body and bub were both getting the proper nutrients they needed.

Q: Do you have a favourite cheat meal?

A: I don’t mind eating a cheat meal but mainly I eat clean foods, I craved carbs during my pregnancy but tried to stick to complex carbs as much as possible. In saying that, I still allowed treats and gave in to my cravings when I knew I had earned it!

Q: Who inspires you and why?

A: Teresa Palmer! She is a hard working real life super mum and actor, very inspiring.

Q: Although you are less than three months into it, how are you finding motherhood with Beau Patrick?

A: I am loving being a mother to beautiful little Beau. It has been so rewarding, more than I anticipated! Obviously it has been a big change, and I am still wondering if I will ever sleep more than three hours in a row again, but I absolutely love being a mum. I can’t believe how quickly he is growing already!

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