Little minds of innocence

Have you noticed how honest children are? They say things as it comes into their head – almost like they don’t need to think about it. They’re honest because they know no better. They’re minds are innocent and their mouths are free!

It’s taken me a little while to feel comfortable with my children asking whatever questions come to their mind, no matter where we are or who we’re with. But now I wait with abated breath to see what question they come out with!

When my child asks a friend if they have a baby in their belly, when they don’t, it’s nothing but a question – there’s no malice, arrogance and probably no real thinking before asking the question. There’s almost always laughter and having to explain that the tummy they’re pointing to has taken a lot of food and drink to get it looking like it is! It’s a young child asking what they see as an innocent and general question. Yes, when they start getting older you can teach them what’s appropriate and what’s not but if I’m being honest I find their innocence quite amusing.

Some of their questions are darn curious like ‘Is magic real?’ My answer to that one was ‘It’s always real magic if you believe’ – a spur of the moment answer but one that satisfied my son no end and kept a smile on his face the whole way home! Some of them are straight forward. And some questions can surprise me with the complexity of the question and the thinking that must be going through the child’s mind to ask such a question. I’ve noticed too that at times my own mind can question what the answer would be because I’ve never really had to think about it before.

Eventually their innocence will disappear, and I will be all the sadder for it. Their questions keep me on my toes. Even on those days when the questions are endless. For now, I’ll take their innocence and any question they have for me and answer it the best way I can.

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