Review: Bellhop Files

How many of us would like to be more organised? I like to think of myself as organised, and if I’m being honest most of my friends would say I am organised. However there are days when I feel far from that! If you’re a busy mum, a corporate worker, a social entertainer or all of that in one, then Bellhop Files might be the solution that brings it all together.


The files come as a set so you can clip them together or use them individually depending on the type of day you’re having. They are made of canvas material and have a mesh window so you can easily see the contents in them. Each file is tabbed so you can access the one you want without it being fiddly. The set comes with some pre-printed tabs as well as some blank ones for your personalise.

The pre-printed tabs include Personal, Toys, Snacks, Change, Essential and Work. These tabs were perfect for me – I used Essentials (sunscreen, plasters, wipes etc); Toys (Lego and small toys); Snacks (small and easy to access snack food); and Change (undies, socks, tshirt etc). The blank tabs provide an opportunity for you to name them what you want depending on what you need.


One of great things about Bellhop files is there’s no more toddler/child searching your handbag for their stuff! Put it in each of the files and just take out the files depending on what they or you need. Or give the child their own file and get them to fill it with items they would like to take. Although my children are well out of the baby stage, I still need to take things with us for them when we leave the house and I’ve found the Bellhop files to be an easy and simple way for us to do that.


Because of the flexibility of the files, they can pop into your handbag or clip them to the outside, clip to your pram or pop them underneath in the basket section. It’s all very quick, convenient and stylish!

To be in with a chance of winning a set, check out my Instagram account. Open to Australian and international accounts. Delivery is included for Australian residents, however international winners will need to pay for shipping.


Disclosure: I was sent the product above in exchange for an honest review. All words and images are my own.

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