Review: The Food Bottle – Subo


While my boys are well out of the first food stage, they’re still into messy eating. Between school, day care and activities, I like to have snacks with me that I can feed them on the go. I’m not a fan of food mess (who is?!) and I really don’t like using 10 wet wipes to just clean 1 set of hands. So when I heard about the Food Bottle I had to give it a try.

The product idea was developed by a wife and husband team in Melbourne and its 100% Australian made. It’s a re-usable food bottle that works well with purees, yogurt, smoothies and mashed foods. Hot food can be put into the bottle but as with all hot food it’s best to heat the food to the correct temperature before putting it in the bottle.


But it’s not only for kids – I’ve also used it to have breakfast on the go. I wasn’t sure how it would work with oats and yogurt, or if I would look silly, but once I got over my own initial discomfort of eating from a bottle it was actually perfect. I managed to have breakfast (at last!) while rushing out the door and there was no mess.  It’s as simple as sipping on the silicone spout and there is a moving platform inside that pushes the food out the top so no need to squeeze the bottle.


The bottle is easy to clean as you just separate the parts and wash them in soapy water (not in the dishwasher, boiling water or the microwave). Not only is it BPA-free and Phthalate-free, the Food Bottle also reduces the need for buying and disposing the single squeeze pouches (environmentally friendly!).

My boys found the Food Bottle very easy to use. The only arguments were who was going to have it and what to put in it! We’ve used it daily – whether it be at the park, after swimming or wanting a smoothie on a hot day. The product has been made so that children as young as 6 months can easily sip the food from the silicon spout. The platform automatically moves up pushing the food out and the viewing window allows you and the child to see how much is left inside.

Overall I’d highly recommend this product as it’s handy, re-usable, allows you to take food anywhere without the mess, and is easy to clean. It’s also quite stylish and comes in 3 different colours.

Check out my Instagram for an opportunity to win one of these fabulous food bottles!


Disclosure: I was sent the product above in exchange for an honest review. All words and images are my own.


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