Let’s get to it – school snack ideas!

Well that came around fast! Six weeks of school holidays and now school is back in less than a week. It’s time to get my bake on and start storing school lunches and snacks. In between work, family life, kid’s activities and everything else in between, I find if I bulk bake and store items then I don’t feel stressed when it comes to packing lunches. I tend to do this on the weekend prior to school starting so there’s room in the freezer!

Last year I posted a recipe for a muesli bar which I found my boys would eat. I made it again last weekend and it’s still a hit – so it will be going into lunch boxes! For those who’ve asked for the recipe, you can find it here. It should be noted our school follows an ‘allergy aware’ policy, not an exclusion policy so nuts, eggs and dairy are allowed.

I also made some other options which you can find below. I will be trying new ideas for this school year and will post them after this baking weekend!

Bacon and cheese muffins (hidden veggies!)

Banana and choc chip muffins

Banana and oat biscuits

Banana and jam bread

Bliss balls

Custard cookies

Easy peasy chocolate fudge

Mini quiche (hidden veggies!)

Pasta bake (hidden veggies – again!)

Pizza scrolls

Do you have any recipes you recommend for school lunch boxes or snacks?




2 thoughts on “Let’s get to it – school snack ideas!

  1. Suzy @ In The Lyons Den says:

    I go through phases of being a good mum but this week we just got back from holidays on Sunday with school starting on Monday so it’s lots of packets of popcorn and rice crackers this week! But now I can save this page and do some baking on Friday and Saturday with a cheeky glass of wine! These recipes do look good!


    • Loopsy Mum says:

      Thanks Suzy. It was a quick bake up the weekend before school to get some items in the freezer and even then I didn’t feel organised. At the end of the day my boy wants a Vegemite sandwich so he gets it 🙂

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