Time spent with my other man

How is it that we are already half-way through January?! There are two weeks of school holidays left for us. And then we start Year 1. 

These holidays felt a little odd at the beginning as it was our first big block of school holidays – six weeks for the Sydney summer. It took a bit of organisation in figuring out which one of us would take leave to be with our son, when we would use vacation care and when he would be with friends. But, I’ve surprised myself by enjoying the time off and I’m a little sorry I didn’t take more time.

What I’ve enjoyed  most is the one-on-one time spent with my son. 2016 was a busy year. We tried to get into our groove, work out what routine and processes worked, manoeuvred our way through Kindy, and dealt with our jobs, day care with our youngest and life in general. It was only when the holidays were approaching  that I realised I hadn’t spent much quality time with my boy during the busy year.

So with some of the time we had together we scheduled ‘dates’ – one was a trip to the movies followed by ice-cream. Another was the day spent at home, lying on the couch cuddling and watching TV. Simple pleasures but memories I’ll remember and I hope he does too. We have one more day together before he starts Year 1 and I’m so looking forward to just being with him, chatting and seeing what is in that six year old brain of his!

Now that I know what to expect with the busyness of school, my aim this year is to spend some quality one-on-one time with him especially during the term school holidays. I know life will continue to be busy (who isn’t?!) but our time together will be front of mind for me when it comes to organising the next school holiday activities.

So what have you been up to during the school holidays?

Is anyone else looking forward to school going back?

One thought on “Time spent with my other man

  1. Suzy @ In The Lyons Den says:

    Funny to read this as I am about to have that day tomorrow! My daughter goes back to preschool so we have just a mummy/son day which I am so looking forward to! We don’t get many one on one days so it sure is nice. Really precious times particularly now they are much older. I love hanging out with him. xx

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