Ways to Making Christmas Countdown Magical for Your Kids (Guest post by Zara from High Style Life)

Zara is a mum of three – one furry kid and two human kids – who is a designer and a freelance writer. She recently approached me about writing a guest article and I was delighted to have her on-board. With Christmas literally around the corner, Zara has written some ideas on how to make that last countdown magical for the kids, while hopefully avoiding stress and a maxed out credit card! 

Kids are already blessed with incredible imagination which allows them to perceive Christmas and holiday season as a truly magical time. Still, there are also many different things and activities that you can present them with, which will only assist to the general magic and splendor of Christmas time. This is also an opportunity to bond with your kids even more as well as rediscover the wonders of this jolly season for yourself all over again.

DIY tree ornaments

You should definitely take your children for some fun Christmas shopping where they can get some new interesting ornaments for their tree. But, the true magic lies in their own creative hands. Instead of buying a whole set of ornaments, make sure to prepare tons of glitter, glue and other necessary materials so that your kids can create their own unique Christmas tree ornaments. There are many tutorials online and depending on your kids’ age, you can assist them in making these or simply leave them to their own interpretation of DIY process.


Home décor

Every time you mentioned home décor and organization, your children probably didn’t seem too thrilled to help. Well, this is not the case in December. Actually, decorating your home with Christmas theme in mind is not only something that kids enjoy, but adults as well. Therefore, this little chore can prove to be a truly valuable family moment. Make sure to allow your kids to give their own ideas and suggestions and let them do some of the tasks on their own. Hanging balloons, wreaths, garlands and Christmas lights is bound to bring a lot of laughter and fun for every family member.

Tasty treats

Christmas time is a season of generosity and gratefulness, and those delicious little Christmas cookies are great means of teaching your kids these values. Allow them to help you create cookies of different shapes and colorings, while telling them what flavors and shapes their siblings, parents, grandparents, etc. love the most. Inspire them to give their absolute best in creation of this cooking magic in order to surprise their loved ones. Handmade cookies for Christmas make for some great festivities, so let your kids pour all their love into making these tasty treats for all the important people in their lives.


All things Santa

If you’re blessed with little ones who still believe in Santa, the holiday season just became twice as magical. During this time of year, there are many Christmas parties for kids featuring Santa and his faithful reindeer. As they wish for all the things they want, your kids will surely have a blast in company of such an important figure and their equally excited peers. Moreover, writing a letter to Santa together is another great family activity that will only strengthen the bonds that you share. And if you truly want to surprise your kids on Christmas Eve, have someone from your family dress up as Santa and “ho ho ho” your little ones into utter joy and amazement.

Baby’s first Christmas

Your little bundle of joy may not be able to help you with all the cookie making and Christmas décor but that’s only the reason for you to give your absolute best to create a truly magical and festive atmosphere at home. With your child safely placed in a comfy baby carrier, you’ll be able to connect with them at all times while showing them the glittering ornaments, twinkling Christmas lights and new toys they’ll be getting in the Christmas stocking and under the tree. As you “wear” your child, you’ll be able to take some irreplaceable Christmas family photos as well, which will always be an important memento for your entire family.

Don’t let the stress and worries get to you during the holiday season. Let your kids show you just how magical Christmas can be so that you can open a lot more doors to festive wonders for them in return. With Christmas carols in the background and familiar rich aroma of Christmas cookies spreading through your home, everyone in your family will get the chance to experience the true charm of this beautiful holiday.

Would you add any other ideas to the list?

You can find more of Zara’s articles on High Style Life.

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