Experiments, liquid nitrogen and a group of 6 year old kids…

Everyone is in the full swing of getting organised for Christmas. However, I can’t think about it until our boy’s birthday is done and dusted. We had already done a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme and a Super Hero theme so what would we do this year? Experiments were a thing at school so we decided on a Science party – well I decided on it and then talked up all the fabulous food ideas and experiments that could be done! Birthday boy was happy with that so I got down to planning.

Pinterest is my friend for all things party. I wish I had more time to dedicate to the creative side of the party because there are some fabulous ideas out there! I started off with trying to nail down the design and after hours of going back and forth on different colour ideas, I ended up going with the design from Crackers Art. I loved the invitation and built out the colours from there. For the food table I kept the colours white and introduced the colour theme through the serving platters, food labels and the food itself.


Food is where it can get fun and for me the recipes need to be quick and easy. I like to have savoury as well as sweet so we made hot dogs, ham and cheese croissants (always got down a treat) and a cheese and fruit platter. For the sweet stuff I like to give names that go with the party theme. This year there were Frogs in Jelly, Snakes in Petri dishes, Brains (chocolate brain with a hidden marshmallow inside), Antibiotics (chocolate balls), Blast Bombs (blue marshmallows), Fruit Molecules and Science Mice (made from chocolate moulds) to name a few! I used bottle labels in the party theme on mini water bottles and green cordial was used to make ‘Explosive Juice’.

The cake was fun to make! I love Cake 2 The Rescue’s kits – everything is there to guide you from making the sponge cake to using the templates to decorate it. You seriously can’t go wrong! The lovely Lou was in the process of coming up with a new science kit when I contacted her and within two weeks the kit was finished (she’s seriously fabulous!). The birthday boy loved his little science guy cake and it tasted great as well (once the cake is cooled and has been in the fridge for an hour, I cut it in half and spread jam in the middle before decorating).


To keep the kids entertained I went to Young Scientists. Our scientist for the day is a marine biologist in her every day job and does this as a way to engage kids on all things science. We had 18 kids to keep entertained and boy were they entertained! All the kids got into the activities which ranged from making snow, slime and bouncy balls, to shooting rockets (big hit!), to making and eating liquid nitrogen ice-cream. Not only did the kids have fun but the parents learned a few things about science during the two hours.

Overall, it was a fabulous party with great feedback but most importantly the birthday boy had so much fun and that’s what it’s all about.

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