Ways to Making Christmas Countdown Magical for Your Kids (Guest post by Zara from High Style Life)

Zara is a mum of three – one furry kid and two human kids – who is a designer and a freelance writer. She recently approached me about writing a guest article and I was delighted to have her on-board. With Christmas literally around the corner, Zara has written some ideas on how to make that last countdown magical for the kids, while hopefully avoiding stress and a maxed out credit card!  Continue reading

Experiments, liquid nitrogen and a group of 6 year old kids…

Everyone is in the full swing of getting organised for Christmas. However, I can’t think about it until our boy’s birthday is done and dusted. We had already done a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme and a Super Hero theme so what would we do this year? Experiments were a thing at school so we decided on a Science party – well I decided on it and then talked up all the fabulous food ideas and experiments that could be done! Birthday boy was happy with that so I got down to planning. Continue reading