Photographs – to print or not to print? Review: Pocket Prints

Photographs. Does anyone print them anymore? I love them – photographs are valuable to me. They are a moment in time. I’ll put a photo frame up in any space I can find, much to my husband’s dismay at times! But these days I tend to take a photo with my phone, eventually upload it to our hard drive and forget about it.

Pocket Prints is an app available from the App Store that prints photos straight from your device. It’s genius! Photos can be printed in square style – apparently it’s the new ‘in’ thing probably due to Instagram, and I have to say I love it. It just adds something different to the photo especially if you go for the poster or the metal prints. Standard rectangle style is also available.


The process is quite simple. Open the app, pick which style of print you want and then decide where to pull your photos from (camera roll, Instagram, photo stream etc). As you click on each image it goes to your ‘cart’. You can move between the different photo styles and add as you go. Once you’ve added all your photos you want printed, pop in your delivery details and pay. As an extra enticement, postage is free in Australia for most of the items and the process is made more seamless by the lovely Yuki who is on hand to answer any questions.

As I have been slack and haven’t printed photos in a while, I ordered a poster, metal prints and square prints. There are also photo blocks and photo stickers available. As with anything that’s printed, the quality of the prints greatly depends on the resolution of your photos. A couple of mine were low resolution but still turned out great and will be appearing in a photo frame soon.


The delivery was fast even though Australia Post delivered the items individually; they arrived a couple of days apart but I can live with that. The quality of the photos is better than I could have expected and I’m seriously loving the square style! Overall, it was so easy to print the photos from my phone. Will I do it again? Definitely. Should you give it a go? Yes. Will I need more photo frames? For sure! But at least I will get to view our moments in time whenever I want.

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