Review: Splashlings

There are many kid’s collectibles out there – Shopkins, Littlest Pet Shop, My Mini MixieQ’s and Ooshies to name a few. And now there’s a new one for the kids to get excited about – Splashlings.

Splashlings are collectible miniature mermaids and sea creatures. The story is about mermaids who live in a magical kingdom under the sea called Orabel. The mermaid friends are guardians of the sea who keep watch over the kingdom. They have many sea creature friends as well as beautiful shells for them to stay in.


There are different packs available as well as individual ones. The sea creatures are made of soft plastic so if you step on them it’s not like stepping on cars or Lego! The mermaids and shells are a harder plastic which makes them durable also.

The kids have found them to be heaps of fun. Listening to their imaginative stories are fabulous and the Splashlings are a great enticement for the kids to have a bath which is always a bonus! Even after a couple of weeks they are still being played with.

As a parent, I found Splashlings easy to assemble and durable, however one of our mermaids was a little flimsy and the tail came off very easily (it was lost at some stage and we are still searching the house for it!). They are recommended for kids 5 years and over, however my son and niece are 4.5 years and 3.5 years and were quite good with them. The parts are very small so I wouldn’t recommend them if you’ve got kids who put items in their mouths. And even so, it’s best to stay watch over younger kids who are playing with them.

img_29091Overall the kids love them and want more (of course!) and as a parent I would recommend them for imagination play.

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