Sweet Potato Fritters

Sweet potato is a vegetable I love but don’t eat enough of. I’ve been playing around with a few recipes and I came across this one from The Merrymaker Sisters. I altered the recipe slightly and only used 3 eggs as found the mixture was moist enough – depends on the size of your eggs. It is a great way to eat sweet potatoes and a really easy, fast recipe which is always a bonus. Continue reading

Who Am I? (Guest post by Hilary from My Mommy Doodles)

I stumbled across a blog recently called ‘My Mommy Doodles‘ and was immediately captivated by the doodles! I clicked on the site and started to read, and continued reading for quite a while. Each story was as captivating as each fabulous doodle that accompanied the stories.

Hilary is a mum to two young kids and wife to one husband. She lives in Connecticut and was raised in NYC. But aside from that, she is extremely artistic and has followed her passion for art to try and achieve that balance between a fulfilling work career and family. I’m delighted that she agreed to write a post for my blog – I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. Continue reading