Top 10 school holiday ideas

Here in Sydney, Australia we are about to hit Term 3 school holidays. Hallelujah!!! My son needs the break. He’s doing well; we’re getting to the finish line, but dear God does he need the break. I have to admit I’m looking forward to the school holidays too. Not that I’ll be on holiday but I am going to take a couple of days off and spend it one-on-one with him and reconnect on a normal level after a big 10 weeks of school term.

I’ve been doing some research to see what’s on in Sydney for the next two weeks. These are my top 10 suggestions for some fun during the school holidays, in no particular order:

  1. Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo @seymourcentre
  2. Explosion of the Day @Powerhouse Museum
  3. School holiday shows @King St Theatre
  4. Kids in the Park activities (including free activities such as Operation Art, Circus Solarus Dinosaur Dig and Games at the Armory) @Sydney Olympic Park
  5. Visit some of Sydney’s great swimming pools. Can you name any others?
  1. Visit a playground, stay for a picnic. Some ideas include
  1. Baraka Art Spring Camp @Bondi Beach Scout Hall
  2. Embrace the fun of technology @QwertyKids
  3. School holiday football camp @Marrickville Red Devils
  4. Get creative with an art and craft box – paper, sparkles, glue stick, googly eyes, wool, crayons, even paint! It’s amazing what creative things kids can come up with.

What have you got planned for these school holidays?

Any other hidden gems you can recommend?


2 thoughts on “Top 10 school holiday ideas

  1. Suzy @ In The Lyons Den says:

    I like the look of all of these!! We went to the Powerhouse Museum last holidays and had a ball. The explosion thing looks so fun. My kids are itching to get in the pool and I keep telling them how cold it is so perhaps we better hit the aquatic centre too! Like you I will only have a few days with them due to work, so will try to make the most of it!

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    • Loopsy Mum says:

      Let me know if you come across any gems during the holidays. Something else that’s popped up is Art Est – will be looking at this for the next load of school holidays!!


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