Getting the freezer ready for Term 3

Here in NSW we are due back to school on Tuesday for Term 3 (where has the year gone??!). So this weekend I set some time aside to get my bake on for school lunches and also dinners. I highly recommend getting organised the weekend prior to school starting back as this will help you with your sanity during the manic weekdays and weeknights of school term. As I work during the week and don’t get home until near 7pm with the youngest, the last thing I want to do is stand in the kitchen cooking or even think about what we’re going to have. 

For school I’ve cooked up bacon and cheese muffins (with hidden zucchini and carrot), sausage rolls (with spinach and beetroot leaves), pizza scrolls, Vegemite scrolls, quiche, choc bliss balls, Nutella parcels and white chocolate fudge. For the scrolls I made the dough with Greek yogurt and flour as I had yogurt that needed to be used. Easy to make and the recipe can be found here.

Some people question why I do this. Why don’t I just give him a sandwich? My answer is I do – he takes Vegemite sandwiches on a regular occurrence. He also takes boiled eggs, croissants, copious amounts of fruit, yogurt, crisps and on occasion he’ll take a small pack of Little Teddy biscuits. However, I like baking and cooking. I like to see what different foods I can do. I like him have variety. And he’s happy with his lunchbox which comes back empty.

For during the week dinners there’s larger sized sausage rolls, fried rice, chicken pesto, beef burgers and vegetable pasta bake. I’m also going to try and give cauliflower rice a go to try and replace some grains in my diet. And as Friday night is ‘make your pizza’ night, I’m going to try and make my base with cauliflower or sweet potato. Before you ask, no I won’t be trying to make that for hubby and the boys – there would be a mutiny here if I tried that!

Do you have any other recipes you use for school lunches or weeknight dinners?

Anyone tried cauliflower or sweet potato bases for pizzas??

10 thoughts on “Getting the freezer ready for Term 3

  1. North Coast Mum says:

    Plus all your home baked/cooked food doesn’t have all the additives that processed stuff does so you are cutting out all the colourings, preservatives and all the c**p so that is to be commended I reckon!!!

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  2. Amy Power says:

    I love baking and cooking too and we head back to school on Tuesday too in WA so my afternoon tomorrow after back to school haircuts, is baking! Pear, Raspberry and Maple Muffins, cheese and vegemite scrolls and mini quiches. I wrap them indervidually amd freeze them. Great post!

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    • Loopsy Mum says:

      Hi there

      I was totally the same. I used puff pastry. The only reason I made the dough with Greek yogurt is because it was about to run out of date!! My kids still eat the ones made with puff pastry – it’s all about what works for you and how much time you’ve got!

      Are you willing to share your chicken drumstick recipe???!


  3. In The Lyons Den says:

    That is so awesome. I am trying to make Friday night bake night where I make something for the lunch boxes. I think some variety is good for them, they are so busy wanting to quickly eat and run off and play that sometimes if it’s the same boring stuff they just leave it. I like making muesli bars.. I might try the scrolls and some muffins this week myself. 😀

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    • Loopsy Mum says:

      Oh you’re good! Friday night is wine night for me 😉 My son told me today I need to pull back on recess items as ‘it’s only a little time and I have to eat and play’! And so I’ve been told.

      Would you be happy to share you’re muesli bar recipe??

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      • In The Lyons Den says:

        Well usually Friday night is definitely wine night for me too!! But I am trying to be good at the moment so baking is my distraction!! I’m normally not that good!! Yes I’ll send you the link to the recipe as it isn’t up on my website yet to share. It’s yummy 😀 I think they definitely scoff their food so they can play!


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