Keeping the trough full during school holidays

First week of school holidays down and we’re doing well.

The first few days of holidays were rough though. Crying for no reason, the sound of ‘You don’t understand me!!!!’ ringing out, the little brother aggravating the big one and vice versa BUT after a few days things settled down. It’s amazing how much ‘routine’ matters to people, even little people.

We went to Canberra for a few days and as the boys couldn’t wait to see the snow, we went to Corin Forest while we were there. Me – I’m not fussed on snow at all. Cold, wet, ice – no thanks! Anyway, a separate blog post on that trip is coming up soon.

During the holiday I also organised some child swap days. Sounds endearing, doesn’t it?? Basically we team up with other school parents, take their kids for a day as well as ours and then we swap on another day. This works really well for working parents and this is the case for the parents I did the swap with. It meant we didn’t have to take much extra leave or book in vacation care.

What I have noticed during this week is that the kids are eating like horses. Garbage pits. Asking for food constantly. Breakfast is finished and they’re asking when morning tea is. Morning tea is finished and they’re asking what’s for lunch! Here are some recipes that are perfect for morning and afternoon tea and should keep the munchkins full.

Banana and choc chip muffins

Bliss balls

Muesli bar

Pizza scrolls

Mini quiche

Banana and oat biscuits

Do you have any secret recipes that keep the troops full during the holidays?


*Photo courtesy of Pennywell Farm

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