Long weekend – relaxing but not all pretty!

The weekend just gone was a long weekend for New South Wales, Australia as part of the Queen’s birthday. It’s the last one until October (unless you count the Bank Holiday in August that is only a holiday Monday for those in the financial industry). After a busy six months of the year I decided this weekend would be a quiet one – one for just us. Good intentions and all that!

Saturday Mr 3 year old woke at 540am – which was really a little early! We had kid’s activities in the morning then I went for a run when we got home. Trying to build up the fitness levels and the fact that it’s a time I get to listen to music I want. That afternoon I made some shields for the boys to decorate as they wanted to ‘defend their castle’ – very cute. Dinner was an easy one – homemade chicken nuggets for the kids, salmon for the adults and chips from the local chipper. Tried to watch the TMNT movie in full – and succeeded even though the kids tried to distract me!


The boys have swim lessons early on Sunday morning so we were up, breakfast and out the door. All was going well until Mr 3 year old (nearly 4 year old) decided to crack it during his swim lesson and it went downhill from there. I tried reasoning with him – yes, I laugh at writing that as who can seriously reason with a 3 year old?? It got to the point were enough was enough so out of the dressing room we went in a long sleeve top and underwear (him, not me!). The ‘Horrific 3’s’ are still here…

As a consequence we skipped martial arts lesson which meant Hubby and I missed going around the local markets and missed out on food and coffee. To busy myself I made the banana bread I had been promising to make all week. And oh was it fabulous – Mr 3 year old went quiet when he smelt what was cooking in the kitchen. Mr 5.5 has been very fussy with the banana breads I’ve made over the last couple of years but I hit the jackpot with this one! That afternoon the boys went to the park to play rugby then proceeded to want to watch more rugby league on the TV which seemed to tire them out. Dinner was homemade burgers with salad for us parents – with wine – and burgers and veggies for the boys.



Monday morning was a massive sleep-in. The boys didn’t wake until 8am – yes you read that right, 8am! And they went to bed as normal at 8pm the night before. No idea why they slept 12 hours but I happily took it. A quick play date with friends in the park, an omelette lunch prepared by Hubby and a game of handball brought us to the afternoon. I need to get ready for the work and school week ahead and I’m thankful it’s a short week. ‘Horrific 3’s’ haven’t raised their head much today – and let’s hope we get through the evening without seeing them…

How was your weekend?

What did you get up to?

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