What do mum’s really want for Mother’s Day?

When I was younger I remember my mum asking me and my siblings for a day of peace. I didn’t quite get the concept but I so get it now! I also remember buying statues and figurines for her – something I don’t like and I don’t have. The amount of cleaning and dusting you have to do with those things. The mind boggles.

With Mother’s Day happening this weekend in Australia, and now that I’m a mum of two young children I understand the ‘quiet’ aspect. I’ve loved receiving the slippers, jewellery, flowers, cards but what I really want (what I really, really want) is time to myself. Mother’s Day is just that – ‘Mother’s’ day. I spend 7 days a week with my children and that’s lovely but on this one particular day I want time to myself. Whether that be walking around the shops, having lunch by myself or going for some exercise – I’m not fussed.


Relaxation = no little people knocking on the door wanting to pee!

When my children were babies of course I spent the day with them. However, as they turned into toddlers it was time for me to exit. And I do just that. Generally on Mother’s Day I see my boys in the morning. We have breakfast and do whatever kid activities are on the agenda. Then my husband takes them to see his mum. We’re lucky in a sense that I don’t have family here so there’s no running from one parent to the other. In the meantime, I get to spend some hours to myself. I feel better for it and it makes for a happier day.

This year I’ll be going to swim lessons and having lunch with my husband and the boys but I will be taking the afternoon for me. And I’ll happily take it without feeling guilty.

What is your favourite thing about Mother’s Day?

What are you up to this year?

2 thoughts on “What do mum’s really want for Mother’s Day?

  1. undercovermumebook says:

    This year it’s a big family breakfast out with hubby, Mr 3, lady baby, MIL and BIL. I should disappear after that too. Enjoy your me time!


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