Bliss balls

I’d heard a lot about bliss balls – healthy alternatives for snacks – and decided to do a search for an easy recipe with not to many ‘out there’ ingredients. I ended up trying a few then altering it to suit what we had in the pantry. Our boys call these ‘choc balls’. Continue reading

Fried rice – an easy and versatile dish

Updated: 2019

I first posted this recipe in 2016 after my eldest started school. Below is the original recipe. Add in whatever veggies you have. I’m now adding broccoli as the kids eat it (once it’s not in big chunks!). For the eggs, I popped them in the fry pan and let them cook like an omelette. Once cooled I cut them into ribbons. The boys love soy sauce so I always put in another little dash before the final stir and taking it off the heat.

But everything else is the same. Serve it as a main meal, with garlic bread or as a side to another dish. Add in chicken to make it more substantial. The choices are endless.


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Why do we feel that we have to be everything?

I don’t know the answer to that question but it hit me yesterday out of nowhere. I woke up and felt tired all of a sudden. It lasted all day and into the evening and still I went to bed later than normal (why do we do that??). Husband has been overseas for work so I’ve been juggling the kids, two drop offs and pick ups to vacation care and day care, all the while continuing my corporate job which I enjoy, wanting to write and be busy, and sorting out our calendar for the next few weeks in order to have a social life and catch up with friends that we haven’t seen for a while. Basically trying to manage our general life.   Continue reading

Two – plus one?

Recently I got asked if I was going to have any more children. When I said I doubt it, that I was quite happy with my two boys, I was then faced with the question of did I not want a girl?  In all honesty questions like that bug me so much you can see the emotion change on my face. We have two healthy, happy boys that get on really well for the most part. I don’t, and didn’t, have a desire to have a particular gender when we decided to try for a baby or when I was waiting for them to pop out. All I wanted was smooth pregnancies and healthy babies. Continue reading

Muesli bars kids will eat

I’ve tried making numerous different muesli bars for my kids but with very little success. They were either tasteless, too crumbly or way too many ingredients that I couldn’t be bothered. I came across a recipe from the toddler ingredient and the yummy ingredients caught my eye as well as it appearing easy enough to make.  So I decided to give it a go but altered the ingredients slightly based on what I had in the pantry. Continue reading

Custard cookies

I made these for the kids and oh they are so good! Easy and quick which is essential when you’ve got kids or you’re on the run. Not much sugar in the recipe and they still tasted yum. I used a hand blender but any mixer would work. This recipe made 40 cookies – you could make more if you made them smaller. Next time I’ll add chocolate chips and drizzle them with chocolate or icing when they’ve cooled down. Continue reading

Zucchini, lemon and chilli pasta

I love cooking but I need time to be able to go through recipes, think about who I’m cooking for and what I want to cook, prepare and then cook. Recently we had some friends coming over for lunch but it was on a day I was running back with one child from a child’s party and hubby was running back with another from weekend lessons. I needed something that was quick to cook, tasty and not your standard platter or BBQ. These friends cook good food so this lunch needed to be up to standard. Continue reading