Time management

One of the things I’ll give myself a pat on the back for is being organised. I love being organised! I have my lists, I (mostly) know where I need to be and at what time. However, having kids put a big spanner into my organisation skills.

I began to feel frazzled. Running from one area of life to another but not actually completing anything. I didn’t have time to organise us all. For the majority of the time I’d organise the kids but not have time to organise me. So I decided to take small steps and dedicate some time to instead of running around like a frazzled chook! Here are two tips to help you manage time better.

Menu planning
The dreaded old question ‘What’s for dinner?’ was starting to drive me insane. I have enough going on in my brain without having to search the freezer to see what can be defrosted in 5 minutes flat! So, one change I’ve made is to instigate a weekly meal plan which at least helps identify what we’re eating. With Mr 5 at school now, he needs feeding when he gets home. Beforehand he would have sandwiches at day care at 530pm then snack on the way home – that use to be dinner sorted 3 days a week!!

Flexibility makes menu planning that bit more appealing so if we don’t fancy what’s on the menu one night, we switch days. Friday is always homemade pizza night and the kids love this as they get involved and make their own. We generally stick to the menu plan 90% of the time and ours is stuck on our fridge so hubby can see it too. If I get asked what’s for dinner I say ‘Check what it says on the fridge’ – they’ll soon get use to it! You can download a copy of the menu plan to help get you started – Weekly menu planner.

To do list
Another item I love is a ‘To do’ list. Who doesn’t love a list?! The satisfaction of drawing a line through a to do item is indescribable. There’s enough stuff going around in our heads so write it down – you’ll feel so much better for it.

I found that over the years if I do a list on a piece of paper it will end up lost somewhere. So I invested in a little notebook that has room for my pen and all my to do items go in there. The notebook stays with me, whether that be in my handbag, gym bag, work or home office – wherever I go, it goes. If something crops up it means I can write it down there and then, otherwise I know I’ll forget. I’ve also found that my mind takes a while to wind down at night so before I go to bed I pop it on the bedside table. I’m guaranteed to think of something just as I’m about to doze off and if I write it down I’m actually able to sleep better.

The one thing I’ll highlight about a to do list is if you’re writing it down to be done, then do it. Don’t let it just sit on a piece of paper for weeks on end. Remember, the satisfaction of drawing a line through a to do item is indescribable!.

These are just two little strategies that help me with time management. I hope they help you.

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