Board games

My 5 year old really got into board games last year – and I mean really got into them! It stemmed from day care as they had a huge Snakes and Ladders game. For some unknown (but grateful) reason, the kids received quite a few board games for Christmas. Some of the oldies made a comeback – Snakes & Ladders, Guess Who, Hungry Hippo to name a few – so maybe games were ‘all the rage’ at that particular time. 

Growing up in Ireland, we always had a family board game at Christmas. I particularly remember Monopoly but not for the game itself. We bought it in Roches Stores (a department store) and somehow left it outside another shop during the Christmas shopping rush. It wasn’t until we got home that we realised the game was missing – so my parents went and bought it for a second time!

Since last Christmas we’ve spent each night of the week playing board games with Mr 5 year old in particular (well, Daddy plays if I’m being honest). I like the fact the boys are into board games and we’ve so far avoided online games and accessories, though I feel they’re not too far away for the eldest child (‘Can I have a tablet?’ comes up at least once a fortnight). Mr 3 year old also showed a surprising interest in the games and it got me thinking which ones are suitable for those age groups.

Board games

One game in particular stood out for both age groups – Sequence for Kids. It’s a simple but fun game that involves a board, tokens, animal cards and the need to get four in a line. Even Mr 3 year old grasp the concept but losing the game is a different set of emotions!!!

The range of games we have include:
– Sequence for Kids
– Snakes and Ladders
– Shiver
– Guess Who
– Pop N Hop
– Shiver
– Fishing World
– Mouse trap
– Popping Pirate (or Tom Bomb)

What board games do you remember or do you have right now that are good for kids?

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