Living with a 5 year old boy

I wasn’t a fan of the terrible twos or tantrum threes. I loved the age of 4 – funny, engaging, entertaining, happy to have a chat. Then came the age of 5 which I was enjoying until that little thing called ‘testosterone’ hit. A physician told me that testosterone hits boys at the age of 5 and 12. I had a feeling something was happening because as we were coming up to 5 the bigger emotions started. The crying for no reason (and I mean no reason that I could work out!), the Jackal and Hyde personality, the love for you one minute and the dislike the next. 

Add to that a new start at school and there’s definitely a change happening. Our eldest was so ready for school and I’m glad to say we have been lucky and he’s settled in extremely well. On his first day of school he looked small in his uniform, his bag looked larger than it should on his little back, he looked tiny against the other kids in the school yard. Yet six weeks into term 1 of school, and being 5 years old, things have changed emotionally.

The change in attitude was a new one. I was expecting it but not at 5 years old. It was like he was trying to see where the boundary was with us. And it wasn’t very far! The meltdowns during the week were to be expected given the new routines and overload of information they’re receiving at school. The dramatics and whaling over a cut knee – get the plaster and be quick about it!! They try to tell us they are not tired when the black circles under their eyes say differently.


It’s relentless and exhausting and more so if you have other siblings to consider. However, there are glimpses of a breakthrough and a vision of that child I knew so well. That smile, the unexpected cuddle, the sound of laughter, the sharing with a younger sibling, the ‘I love you’ every night no matter what has happened during the day. I feel like I’m understanding 5 a bit more as we go through this. I’m learning what works and what doesn’t. It’s new for all of us – for nearly 4 ½ years we had a routine with day care. This is a new routine we need to go through and find our rhythm. And find it we will!!

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