The trials and tribulations of choosing a school lunch box

I’m the mum of a school aged child. How did that happen? Well, I know HOW it happened – what I mean is in the early hazy days (oh the haze, the haze!), I never thought I’d see 5 years never mind school days. But here we are – healthy, happy (mostly) and fully functioning. Continue reading

Pizza scrolls

When our eldest boy started school this year I was looking for ideas for his lunchbox. Something easy to make in bulk, something I could freeze and something that still tasted yummy. I came across scrolls -an easy recipe and you can add whatever filling you like. I made pizza scrolls and Vegemite scrolls as a test before he started school – and they were gobbled up! Woohoo – food I could make, store and he’d eat. Our 3 year old also loves these. Continue reading

Homemade dough

I came across this recipe last year and have loved it ever since! It can be used for pizzas, scrolls and so much more! Our family makes homemade pizzas every Friday which the boys have come to love. They enjoy adding their ingredients which doesn’t vary much from pizza sauce, cheese, mushrooms, olives and ham/bacon. I also make pizza bites from this dough for school lunches – they’re just a smaller version of our Friday pizzas.  Continue reading

Board games

My 5 year old really got into board games last year – and I mean really got into them! It stemmed from day care as they had a huge Snakes and Ladders game. For some unknown (but grateful) reason, the kids received quite a few board games for Christmas. Some of the oldies made a comeback – Snakes & Ladders, Guess Who, Hungry Hippo to name a few – so maybe games were ‘all the rage’ at that particular time.  Continue reading

Living with a 5 year old boy

I wasn’t a fan of the terrible twos or tantrum threes. I loved the age of 4 – funny, engaging, entertaining, happy to have a chat. Then came the age of 5 which I was enjoying until that little thing called ‘testosterone’ hit. A physician told me that testosterone hits boys at the age of 5 and 12. I had a feeling something was happening because as we were coming up to 5 the bigger emotions started. The crying for no reason (and I mean no reason that I could work out!), the Jackal and Hyde personality, the love for you one minute and the dislike the next.  Continue reading